Flora by Catenary – Cat-friendly Calla Lily Wand Toy!

Catenary Home has done it again! Introducing Flora, a gorgeous cat-friendly wand toy in the shape of a Calla Lily!

Flora by Catenary – not your average wand toy!

If you are a cat lover then hopefully you know that lilies, in general, are no bueno for cats! Easter lilies, aka Tiger, Day, Asiatic, Easter, or Japanese Show lilies can cause deadly kidney failure if even just a tiny bit of the flower, stem or pollen is ingested.

Fortunately Calla lilies are not deadly like Easter lilies, but they are still poisonous as they contain oxalate crystals which result in tissue irritation to the mouth, tongue, pharynx, and esophagus.

Catenary has introduced Flora, a beautiful wand-toy in the shape of a Calla Lily! It truly is display-worthy! I can imagine a vase (um, non-breakable in my house), filled with these amazing flowers!

Beautiful and realistic

These flower wands are so realistic looking, thanks to the craftsmanship of artisans in Nepal. The ancient Greeks thought it symbolized magnificent beauty. Does that remind you of something else??? Oh, maybe a CAT!

These wands will withstand the test of time as they are made of wool and a suede cord along with an inner wood stem that is not only pet-safe but very durable to accommodate rough cat play. The fluttering movements that Flora creates mimics the movements of prey that will trigger every cat’s natural instincts.

As an interactive toy, Flora exists to help you and your cat bond. Each wand is thoughtfully handcrafted to bring endless irresistible fun draped in elegance.

As with most toys, Flora should be used with supervision! So check out Flora and get excited that you can now have “lilies” in your home!

Oh, and the veterinarian in me has to remind you of other household items that are toxic to cats. But not Flora. Because it’s not a real flower. So go get one (or more) for you and one for a fellow cat-lover!

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