The Calm & Cozy Cat Wrap

Make your life easier with this vet-designed cat wrap! "Panther Approved."
How the heck do you know if your cat has arthritis?!? Well, it’s easier than you think! You just have to be a little creative when “asking” your cat!
From ice cubes to water fountains... let's get those cats hydrated!
Do you know a man? If so, he needs a cat-themed T-shirt!
Have you ever “lost” your cat? Even temporarily? Why didn’t I think about a tracker before this day!?! So I purchased two "trackers" and compared them...
All cats scratch. All cats groom. All cats lick. But any of these things done excessively may indicate a problem! I’m not here to sugar coat it. Let’s talk.
Ah, litter boxes…your favorite subject, right? We will cover many different aspects of litter boxes, but today we’re going to discuss some basics. 


I’m Dr. Amber Carter. Board-certified feline-veterinarian. Business owner. Homeschooling mom. Cancer survivor. Hot chocolate connoisseur. 

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