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Raise your hand if you brush your cat’s teeth every day? Yes? Ok, then we all bow to your feline dental health excellence. However, for the rest of us peasants, it’s a struggle. Keep on reading to learn how the Inventor Cat Dental Wand can make your life easier. 


Yes, how to most effectively brush your cat’s teeth is indeed a first world problem. But if you’re reading this post then you likely want to do everything possible to take great care of your kitty’s pearly whites. 


Let’s face it. Brushing your cat’s teeth is not easy. If you want to learn, awesome. Yes, it can be done. But it’s a marathon, not a sprint, when it comes to acclimating your cat to the brush, the paste, and eventually the actual act of brushing. 



Feline Dental Disease


As a feline-only veterinarian I see dental disease every. single. day. I treat everything from Feline Oral Resorptive Lesions (literally daily) to Juvenile Periodontal Disease (yes, young cats get dental disease too) to excruciatingly painful Stomatitis (in ALL ages of cats). 


How can we give our cats the best oral health possible? While genetics do play a large role, dental home care is paramount. 


Pro Tip: Look for products with the VOHC seal of approval. The Veterinary Oral Health Council recognizes “products that meet pre-set standards of plaque and calculus (tartar) retardation in dogs and cats. Products are awarded the VOHC Seal of Acceptance following review of data from trials conducted according to VOHC protocols. The VOHC does not test products itself.”


ANYTHING you can do to improve your cat’s dental health is a win. This could be dental treats, water additives, topical treatments applied to the gums, or, best of all, actual brushing. 



Large size kibble such as Hill’s Prescription Diet t/d, Royal Canin Dental Diet, and Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets DH (Dental Health) Feline Formula are also VOHC approved. 


Note – I generally recommend canned food over dry (for many reasons). However, when fed as a treat via food puzzle or other foraging device, small amounts of these SPECIFIC dental diets can help. Just eating “dry food” in general? Nope. The benefits of canned outweigh dry food feeding. 


Enter The Inventor Cat Dental Wand 


The Inventor Cat Dental Wand is a wand toy specifically designed to brush your cat’s teeth in a fun, non-stressful way! The unit consists of a sturdy telescoping rod with a clip that attaches to a ribbed silicone piece (i.e. the Dental Wand) that is then filled with cat toothpaste (I like the CET brand). 


You then play with your cat just as you would with any wand toy. Move it in different patterns! Is it a bird? Is it a bug? Is it a lizard? (We have little lizards in Florida that the cats love to chase.)


Bacon and Sioux were immediately attracted!


Eventually, let your cat “catch” the Dental Wand toy and bite into it. With each bite, toothpaste starts to seep through tiny holes in the toy, coating your cat’s mouth in enzymatic toothpaste. It only takes a few bites. When your cat is done with this supervised play, rinse out the Dental Wand and/or wash it in the top rack of your dishwasher like I do. 


The Inventor Cat Dental Wand preys on a cat’s instinctive need to hunt. Yes, even Princess Fluffy is a ferocious carnivore deep down inside! 


The Inventor Cat Dental Wand allows you to brush your cat’s teeth with POSITIVE associations! The chase. The hunt. The kill. The tasty fish or chicken flavored reward! The company was founded by a regular guy who just wanted a way to EASILY brush his cat’s teeth. Well, he succeeded! 


Gotta give it a tap, tap, tap.

Our indoor cats are in desperate need of environmental enrichment and stimulation. This is just one excellent way to help meet their needs, all the while providing a major health benefit.


I tried the Inventor Cat Dental Wand on my cats Bacon and Sioux. They took to it immediately! They 100% loved it and now we’re all hooked! 


Look at that toothpaste oozing out!

What comes in the box? 


The Inventor Cat Dental Wand starter kit comes with the Dental Wand, telescopic rod, enzymatic cat toothpaste (CET brand…my fave), catnip and plush worm for chasing!


Use the code CATVETLIFE for 20% off. Note that I don’t make a dime off of your purchase. I just think it’s a neat product and I recommend that you try it! You can even get a subscription for extra replacement Dental Wands. 


Contents of the box.

Check out these cats brushing their own teeth. Awesome!


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